Overflow (2017)

by Brenda Xu

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Overflow is Brenda Xu's newest album and builds on the unique sonic landscape that she created on her last album with more complex song structures and musical arrangements.

“The thread that runs through all the songs is an overflow of emotion that we feel from daily life — from the drudgery of simple routines to the more intense moments that challenge our willpower and sanity,” said Xu. “It gets to be too much sometimes and we need a release. But along with longing and desperation, there is also a strength and power which resonates through these intense emotions. I hope that the album takes the listener on an emotional journey, with many glimpses of hope along the way."

Xu, whose last album was described as “beautiful music that can calm the most savage beast” (Frontloader), has been building a steady following since her arrival on the Seattle music scene a few years ago. The momentum she created with the release of her last album, “For the Winter," in 2014 has led to two successful western U.S. tours and a feature in the MTV show “Awkward.” Her new album, "Overflow" was just added to KEXP's rotation, and has been receiving airplay in countries all over the world. Compared to artists such as Daughter, Cat Power, and Aimee Mann, her sound has been described as “treading the delicate line between washed-out ambient tones and carefully crafted acoustic arrangements.”


released March 7, 2017

vocals, acoustic guitar: Brenda Xu
drums: Ben Kent
bass, electric & acoustic guitar: Timothy Van Buren
violin: Yun-En Liu
viola: Andrew Van Kempen
cello: Colin Isler
trombone: Don Farwell

all songs written by Brenda Xu ©
produced by Don Farwell & Brenda Xu
recorded at Earwig Studio in Seattle, WA
mastered by Levi Seitz at Blackbelt Mastering

cover artwork by Jacquie Gouvea


all rights reserved



Brenda Xu Seattle, Washington

Ambient/folk artist with sounds reminiscent of Cat Power, Daughter, and Aimee Mann.

For licensing or booking inquiries please contact: brendaxubooking@gmail.com

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Track Name: Overflow
All this overflow
Track Name: Officer
Down came
The rainfall
Slow burning sign of truth
It is dark here


Fossilized in day
It’s the dark that stays inside
Track Name: Lovely Storm
Stop turn, don’t move forward, stay right there, don’t you see it’s all gone
Honey, it’s all gone
To the grave
It was our world before and I don’t wanna leave it
What a lovely storm
We got

1-2-3-4 don’t look forward, don’t look back it’s all the same
Honey, it’s all the same
To me
I was 22 when I met you on a Tuesday in July
And hit the line

Stand back, don’t move forward, stay the course, stay the course, I said
Such a lovely escape for, oh escape


Tiny spaces
they find me
Track Name: I Can Visit You
I can visit you whenever I want to
I can call you up through the seams that you left open

Time to move on out, past the cracks that we made together
Past the robbers & fires
Past the grand designs we made

Oh look, it’s starting
Oh look, it’s gay

I can call on you, to tell me what’s right & what isn’t anymore
I fix my gaze on it
Past the wreckage of daily living

If I’m moving
If I’m moving from the past, I can call on you

Call you up to lose
Track Name: Real Sick Man
Give me the function
Light my way down to this grave
Give me the function
Let me get you out into my maze

There were many times when I did wrong
I tried to drink from the proof
I tried to drink oh from the proof

What can you do but keep going

I keep ahold of you
I carry you on my back like
A real sick man
A real sick man

What can you do but keep going

Til’ I am done with you
When I am done with you
Track Name: Flying
Sometimes the weather changes everything
Sometimes I think of you

When you go out in the story weather, will you think of me?
High above heavy clouds, will you think of me?

And I have to ask you
Simple questions
Have you been where
The sun is setting
Have you been where
The lightning goes off
And have you been the one that doesn’t shine, have you been there?

Have you been the season that just won’t change
Have you been the love - won & lost
Have you been the one that doesn’t light up, have you been there?
Track Name: Just For Us
In the quiet sun, hears a mind
In the solitude, he finds a lie

Make it through another day
Let in the light
See the sunlight on the porches
Setting just for us

Here in place of falling
Here in place, I..
Oh, ash and dark on Sunset boulevard, I leave you
I leave you
I leave you

Oh I want the same things
Knowing the heavenly days
I don’t want to pass
These ancient times

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